StandardsWork is proud to announce a new boutique consulting practice for districts making the shift to high-quality, knowledge-rich ELA curriculum. 

Over the past decade, 37 states have passed new “science of reading” laws that require profound shifts in literacy instruction, including more rigorous curriculum and pedagogical approaches that ask students to carry more of the cognitive load. As these new materials and instructional approaches are making their way to the classroom, teachers are seeing how exposure to content-based language, rich texts, and grade-level material by all students can fuel learning and change school culture. 

Many districts taking this journey are “all in” on what they are doing—but they are not “all done” in figuring out how to do it better. StandardsWork helps administrators and educators push their practice and students’ progress even farther through three, customizable avenues of support:

Strategic Planning 

StandardsWork supports senior leadership to examine current systems and possible adjustments in curriculum, instruction, and professional learning supports to focus on high-leverage strategies aligned with literacy research. For example, we lead strategy sessions where leaders reflect on data to identify strengths and opportunities to improve, as well as convene teachers and subject-matter leaders to consider high-quality curriculum options.

Implementation Advice

StandardsWork guides districts in the early stages of implementing high-quality instructional materials to audit what practices are working well and which need improvement. Together, we set priorities for what should be addressed, delayed, or suspended to build on early successes and create sustainable change over the long term. Such clear-eyed reviews and deep focus on doing a few things really well will be crucial in an era of shrinking resources, such as ESSER funds.

Curriculum Expertise

StandardsWork coaches states, districts, and schools to assess curriculum for knowledge-building using the Knowledge Matters Review Tool. Those reviews can help districts respond to new state mandates to adopt and implement an evidence-based literacy curriculum that also develops reading comprehension by building student knowledge. Rooted in research and insights from classroom visits, the Tool can also be used by curriculum designers to ensure curriculum is content-rich, relevant, and relates to student knowledge. 

Want to Work with Us?

For information about our consulting services, contact StandardsWork’s Chief Program Officer Dr. Kristen McQuillan at