Share Your Practice

Our motto, “Find the good and praise it,” gives us a great excuse to mark the end of the school year with a tribute to knowledge-building!

StandardsWork is often asked for examples of how a knowledge-rich classroom differs from one that doesn’t specifically embrace this call. Now is your chance to tell us. Or, better yet, show us. We seek video snippets of no more than three minutes in length that capture students working (whole class, small group, paired with a partner, or independently; we’re agnostic) on ELA or math skills by engaging with rich history, civics, geography, science, or art content.

For those willing to go a little farther to explicate for fellow teachers how the results we see on the screen came about, we’ll reward you with a gift. Not only will we give you up to five minutes to tell this story (assuming two-three minutes is classroom footage), we’ll give you a check for $200 to defray the costs of next year’s school supplies if we determine you’ve showcased exemplary practice worthy of emulation.

Eligible videos must be submitted by June 30. Following are the guidelines/rules:

  • Please include footage of both students and teacher(s), i.e. demonstration and explication/commentary.
  • Evidence of the cumulative effect of sequentially building background knowledge is particularly desired (e.g. a recent visit we had to a 2nd grade classroom where students were comparing and contrasting the hubris of the Union generals at the First Battle of Bull Run with that of the British in the War of 1812).
  • You must possess privacy waivers for all students featured in video.
  • Post your video to YouTube and send us its unique URL.

Let us know if you have questions!